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Richard Carpenter - Photoshop

Supplement for your child :

a) Compugen : The key to mastery over computers. E-learning with 'hands on experience'
b) Yoga : For classes IV - IX. A balanced mind in a disciplined body for a 'complete living'
c) Music : 'The Language of the Heart and Mind'. Music to Listen to and to Learn. An hour of music every week for classes I - IX.
d) Dance : Dance 'for the hands and feet'. Special dance classes are offered after 3.30 p.m.

Co Curricular

Dear Alumnus, Your school has completed 25 years of successful service to the cause of education. To commemorate this, Sitadevi has released a Souvenir - "25 years of Sitadevi in pictures". to get a glimpse of the "Glorious Past" get a copy by paying Rs.175 at the school office.