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The earliest known communication among human beings goes back to the age of vedas, thus making Bharath the pioneer in the world of intelligent communications. This system of person to person communication is in vogue even today, thereby preserving the most valuable thoughts of humanity.

Interpersonal communication is one thing; communication for masses is another. Communication to a distant person is yet another dimension. When these became a necessity the art and science of communications themselves became a separate pursuit. From the age of communication through birds, through messengers, through posts, through telegrams and telephones we have progressed to communication through electronic medium. It is communication through satellites .

With improvement in the medium of communication, came the improvement in storage of information. From palm leaf we progressed to print and from print it is now electronic bits. Storage by earlier methods had the inherent danger of decay compounded by the fear of getting lost. Further such information has to be discovered- especially when it is an old recording. Such discoveries have very often been by accident though some of them have been by earnest pursuits. With modern communication facilities, storing of valuable information can be without limits but compact. It can also be permanent.

Website is one system of utility in easy storage of information and mass communication. We can add on to the storage space but yet remain compact.

It is not as though we have seen the end in the progress of technology in storage and communication systems. These are days of discoveries and innovations by the hour. There is bound to be faster and fundamental evolutions in storage and communication technology. On certain occasions evolution may yield place to revolution!

It is left to the human race to use or misuse technology. Website in an educational institution, can be of immense use for the teachers and students; for the present and future. A well thought out plan of storage and communication can be of use for distant mass education as well as for reference and nostalgic memories.

Ultimately, we cannot but admire the human brain for being as yet the best thinking computer. It is that which has given us all these wonders. Let the brain and technology grow in tandem for the benefit of humanity and for the benefit of the world.

It is a privilege to serve mankind, for this is the worship of God.