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The Man Making Education in Sitadevi's a Mind Moulding Experience. It means disciplining and training the mind to control the body, to resist all temptations and building up the courage to face the challenges of practical life. MME sessions are held for all classes from I - XII. Lectures, Guest speakers highlighting the greatness of the motherland are the special features of the MME sessions. Burning issues or topics are given to the students and they in turn voice their opinions and feelings on the mike.

Activity Room :

The place where the child plays, learns and grows. It has all the toys, games and a Smart Board for the childs overall development. In addition the children listen to stories, song and rhymes.

Smart Class:

For the Smart ones.
Enables the child to understand, assimilate and apply the basic knowledge that he has gained.

Yokibu :

Communication made easy.
This provides an 'easy communication' between the parent and the school. This updates the parents on the child's absence and their ward's homework too.

Voice Snap :

To hear what is "immediate and important".
The Principal speaks to the parents on matters that require the parents immediate attention.

Safety for sure :

Your child is under surveillance (8x5) with 8 CCTVs ensuring and enhancing their security. Your child is thus totally and absolutely secure.

Intense Patriotism is the need of the day. Not a wink of sleep or rest till my India is clean and best