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The school has four fully equipped labs whose infrastructure is on par with the leading professional colleges. The pupil experiences the best form of learning by 'seeing and doing.'

Biology Lab :

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan's in the making.

Physics Lab :

Newtonians at work.

Chemistry Lab :

Understanding the Chemistry behind chemistry.

Computer Lab :

Challenging MICROSOFT

MME Hall not just a Hall. As the name implies, the students experience the Man Making Education. In addition to this, the hall plays the centre stage for all the other activities - the Intra school Competitions and Interschool competitions.

The Hall plays host to various religious discourses, concerts, cultural gatherings, Blood Donation Camps, Health checkups, Saibhajans and activities organized by the Lions Club.

Library :

A well-stocked library 'A Readers Paradise', stocked with books Reference books for various subjects and languages,books for the "tiny tots to the teens Fairy tales, Classical novels to the latest adventure books Infinite thoughts".

Play ground:

A spacious sunny shady play area for the students to play the various games, to train for the matches at the different levels, to exercise - ever - buzzling with activity, ever - noisy student - friendly ground.

Play Pen for the Tiny tots:

Merry go round, Slide, Swings, See saw and Play Maze.

Classrooms :

Spacious, bright and well ventilated classrooms with considerable flow of natural light and breeze. Desks and benches according to the various age groups. Smart boards and enough wall space for display.

Toilets :

Hygienic, well - lit and well - maintained toilets on all the floors. Separate toilets for boys, girls and staff. Incinerator provision in the girls toilets, ensuring total sanitation for your girl child.

Dear Alumnus, Your school has completed 25 years of successful service to the cause of education. To commemorate this, Sitadevi has released a Souvenir - "25 years of Sitadevi in pictures". to get a glimpse of the "Glorious Past" get a copy by paying Rs.175 at the school office.