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Management Information

  • President :
  • Shri. S. Vedantamji - A Visionary, Great Organiser, Humanitarian and Team Builder.
    International Working President of VHP. His vision and ambition to serve the society led to the establishment of institutions for Education, Medical, Rural Development, Culture and Religion etc.

  • Secretary :
  • Dr. Smt. Girija Seshadri, M.A., M.Ed., DSM., PG Diploma (Geo), M.A. (Vaish) Secretary
    To mould children of moderate economic means into wholesome citizens proud of their heritage, committed to values and aware of their role in society

  • Founder Secretary:
  • The Founder Secretary KarmaYogi Shri. K. Narayan Rao, B.Sc.
    An uncompromising patriot, an undiluted nationalist with an overdose of patriotism in his every iota. This school, his dream child was not started just to teach Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Biology. It was started with a vision a mission of arousing the national pride in each of its children studying here.

  • Senior Principal :
  • The Founder Principal Smt. Vijayalakshmi Theenathayalan, M.A., B.Ed.
    The God Sent AMMA is The Principal of the school from the day of its inception. Sitadevi in Humane form is our Principal. Many a title, many an award has been conferred on her.
    Tamil Nadu Government School Education Department honoured
    her on September 5th 2006 with Dr. Radhakrishnan Award for 2005 - 2006 in commendation of her best services to the society through the field of Education.
    "Aasiriya Mani" award was presented by Chennai Manavar Mandram in December 2006.
    She received "Padma Vidyasagar Award" by Padma Sarangapani Cultural Academy in 2005.
    Received the 'Best Teacher Award' at the District Level in 2002-2003.
    International Association of Lions Club awarded her 'For the Sake of Honour Award' in 1999.
    She received the 'Best Teacher Award' from Lions Club of Madras Metropolitan South in 1995 and then from Tambaram Lions Club. SINCERE EFFORTS NEVER FAIL

  • Principal :
  • Smt. B. Lakshmi Priya is the Principal of this school, from June 2018.

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