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Character makes a Man. Men of character make a strong, vibrant and powerful Nation. This is the need of the day. Unfortunately there is a crisis of character today. There is a vacuum. Sitadevi Garodia Hindu Vidyalaya is born to fill up this vacuum.

To build up character, a strong base of uncompromising patriotism and National pride coupled with unflinching and unshakable faith in the unseen Super - Human force by what ever name you may call it, is essential.

Shri Swami Vivekananda is a concrete combination of these two qualities. He is the role-model and ideal for us.

His golden words "Inspite of poverty, misery, hunger, ignorance and disease, my country is the best in the world".

"He alone lives who lives for others."

"God Shiva loves a person more who helps a poor hungry man than a person who sees him daily in a Temple" always inspire us.

All these things make a significant meaning only when there is Academic Excellence.

The passionate and compassionate AMMA of a Principal Smt. T.Vijayalakshmi, is a God Given Gift to our School.

The highly educated, fully qualified dedicated teachers add dignity, decency and decorum to our school. They brought us State and District Ranks and cent percent results in all the public examinations.

The great organiser and administrator, our Correspondent Sri N.V.Subramanian Former General Manager of Southern Railway, along with his team and Sri L. Kuppuswamy Former PA to Collector are providing excellent Management.

Therefore Sitadevi Garodia Hindu Vidyalaya is not just a school. It is a Temple of Learning.

Three things are necessary to make everyman great, every nation great. 1. Conviction of the power of goodness. 2. Absence of jealousy or suspicion. 3. Helping all those who are trying to be good and do good.