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Unique Features


The Man Making Education in Sitadevi is a Mind Moulding Experience’. It means disciplining and training the mind to control the body, to resist all temptations and building up the courage to face the challenges of practical life. MME sessions are held for all classes from I - XII. Lectures, Guest speakers highlighting the greatness of the motherland are the special features of the MME sessions. Burning issues or topics are given to the students and they in turn voice their opinions and feelings on the mike.

Vakdevata Homam is performed every year in a solemn and grand manner before the Board Examinations to invoke the blessings of MA SARASWATHI - The Goddess of Learning.

Guru Pooja depicts the Guru SishyaParampara. We believe that a teacher - student relationship is sacred, one of its kind. "ThamasomaJyothirGamaya" - 'From darkness to Light' is our motto.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to instill the feeling of “Universal Brotherhood - VasudevaKutumbakam” in the young minds - and to develop a healthy Brother - Sister bond among them, the future citizens of MA BHARATH. ‘Let Noble Thoughts come from all sides’.

To rouse the “National Pride”, the birthdays of the national leaders - Swami Vivekananda, Subash Chandra Bose, Kamarajarare celebrated in a grand manner. The children pay floral tributes to the great leaders and get to know about them, about their life, achievements and develop a passion to serve the nation and the society at large.

The very essence of education is concentration of mind. The more the power of concentration, the greater the knowledge acquired.